Our largest project so far

This summer and fall we have been really lucky to have been able to work on project we would like to share with you. I cooperation with Fjörgyn ses. and Arna B. Stefansson we managed to 3D scan upper most part of the Surts cave system in Hallmundarhraun, Stefáns cave, which is about 1520 meters […]

Read more */ ?> Archeology in Hafnarstræti

We went with the Icelandic Archaeological Service down to Hafnarstræti in the city center where they were excavating a foundation from the 18th century of an old merchant building. The task was to scan part of the foundation, the weather had been challenging for the team so they raised tents to shield the area. The […]

Read more */ ?> Scanning of a complex industrial machine

We scanned a fairly complex industrial machine with many compartments and we did some 70 scans or so to make a complete model. Our largest scan to date. Fun and a bit of a challenge.

Read more */ ?> Stairwell in building scanned

We scanned a stairwell in a 6 storey building under construction for VHE, they needed a accurate model to construct handrails. This is where the Faro scanner does a fantastic job, high quality and accurate.

Read more */ ?> Punktaský and Tick Cad cooperation

Today we signed a cooperation deal with Tick Cad, exciting times. Tick Cad is Iceland’s leading retailer for Autodesk products and Faro scanners.

Read more */ ?> New Faro Focus S70 3D laser scanner

PointCloud is now a proud owner of a Faro Focus S70 which is the perfect instrument for 3D reality capture for AEC, Public Safety-Forensics and Product Design Applications.

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