This summer and fall we have been really lucky to have been able to work on project we would like to share with you.
I cooperation with Fjörgyn ses. and Arna B. Stefansson we managed to 3D scan upper most part of the Surts cave system in Hallmundarhraun, Stefáns cave, which is about 1520 meters long maze of tunnels. We are currently working on mapping and presenting the cave in virtual reality.

Why did we embark on such an ambitious project?
– Main reason for scanning the cave is to preserve some of Iceland’s wonders. Be able to invite the public to a virtual tour of the cave.
– This project is quite challenging, technically and physically.
– Preserve one the structure of lavacicles that are in the cave, these lavacicles are extremely brittle and are damaged easily.

We are still processing the data but scanning so far is complete. Multiple days underground without daylight are paying off as the cave comes together in our model.
More videos are coming as we process more and make it more presentable.

So far the data we are seeing are among if not the most accurate cave mapping done in Iceland and possibly abroad. We are extremely proud of this project and the data collected.

Why do this? What can we do with the data?
– Cave research, map tunnels made by lava.
– Monitor changes and deterioration of the cave through time.
– Introduce the cavern system to the public and to those that cannot venture into the ground.
– To show what can be done with 3d scanned data, engineer, research aspects of the project are invaluable.
– Spark an interest in caves that are all around Iceland, how complex and beautiful these tunnels can be.

If you are interested to see more and discuss this project then by all means contact us and we will see what we can do.